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I would like to extend my gratitude to Hannah and her team for welcoming my artwork to the Leytonstone Arts Trail 2024 at Studio Eleven Leytonstone.

Thank you, too, for coming to see my work. Through my art, I explore my passions, attempt to make sense of the world around me, and aim to spark meaningful conversations, often injecting humour into my pieces to engage and entertain.


'Blue Bins' Screenprints and Tote Bags for sale at No. 1 Church Lane (Next to Leytonstone Station) Thursday 11th July - 14th July.

Please read on to learn more about my work. I hope you enjoy the show.

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Have You Heard

Have You Heard the One About the Sovereign Grant?

The Sovereign Grant is the annual payment to the British Monarchy taken from the British Taxpayer. The total for 2023/2024 is £86.3million, and is set to rise.

"The Crown Estate had assets worth £16.5bn in 2022: almost £8bn of properties in London, including Regent Street, as well as nearly half the land along the coast of England, Wales and Northern Ireland." Edgington & Clarke.


Buckingham Palace is undergoing a 10-year-long £ 369 million refurbishment, but state schools have faced closures due to the risk to children's lives. The specific type of concrete used to build some of these schools, RAAC, is deemed unsafe, and the walls are crumbling. 

The then education secretary, Michael Gove, scrapped the Labour Party's School Rebuilding Programme in 2010. 

Our taxes are used to fund the already disgustingly rich system.

Vintage photograph, vintage advert, Newspaper, Card.

Take the Sickie

In the current climate, prioritising well-being is of utmost importance. The complexities and difficulties of today's world have led to an increase in sick leave among workers.

This trend is understandable, given the circumstances. 

It is crucial to remember that human beings did not evolve over millions of years to spend extensive hours at a desk, generating profits for corporate executives.

Many recall the significant relief provided by paid sick leave. Although some no longer benefit from such provisions, there is often a longing for them during periods of illness. For those fortunate enough to have access to paid sick leave, it is advisable to utilise it, whether unwell or simply in need of rest

Vintage photograph, vintage advert, Newspaper, Card.

Social Commentary Series

My 'Social Commentary Series' is a project that will transform digital interactions into physical wall hangings. Through the process of carefully handcrafting social media comments into wall art, I aim to slow down the original process of typing online and allow the audience to absorb someone's opinion on a different medium, level, and time scale and out of its original context.

Would you hang your online posting on your wall at home?

Do we assume that our online words remain unseen by those we know in the physical world?

Original  social media posts can be seen on Instagram @itscoldporridge

Cotton, Felt, Wood, Rubber, String.

True Colours

"True Colours" portrays England's flag, St George's Cross, crafted from toilet paper, symbolising not just its vulnerability to the elements but also reflecting the fragility of the country in modern times. This fragility is mirrored by the delicate nature of toilet paper, highlighting the precarious state of affairs.


In contrast, The Sun, representing Britain's Right Wing media, is fashioned from velvet, representing an apparent invincibility, mounted alongside the fragile flag on white plastic bin bags.

The artwork serves as a response to the news headline regarding Nike's alteration of the colors of the England Flag on the shirts of the England Football team.


Toilet Paper, Thread, Plastic Bags, Velvet, Felt

We, Myself & I

'We, Myself & I' emerged from my frustration upon encountering a quote in a video featuring Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. This quote, uttered by a fisherman when questioned about the Conservative Party's approach to managing migrant boats crossing The Channel, struck a dissonant chord. Despite its dismissal, I felt compelled to challenge it validity and moral implications by magnifying its significance.

In juxtaposing this quote onto a banner - a symbol typically associated with community and unity - I aim to interrogate its ethos. Our societal contributions, epitomised by tax payments, are intended for collective benefit, exemplified by institutions like the NHS. This quote, steeped in self-interest, stands in stark contrast to the ideals of communal welfare and solidarity. 

Through this work, I seek to provoke reflection on the ethical dimensions of such perspectives and their place within our shared social fabric.

Felt, Cotton Velvet, Nylon


Life In 1:1

"Life in 1:1" is a photograph divided into squares, symbolising how our lives are often depicted on social media in a rigid, square format. This fragmented portrayal highlights that it fails to capture the completeness of a person's life.

Vintage Photograph, Cardboard.

Dog Save The Quing

"Dog Save the Quing" critiques the allocation of taxpayer money to a privileged family, who inherit land and riches by birthright. The piece questions why the wealthy receive more financial support while the poor are increasingly marginalised.

Additionally, the artwork satirises the National Anthem, highlighting that few people sing it correctly, if at all.

The piece also underscores the indifference towards whether a queen or a king is currently reigning, suggesting that this detail is largely irrelevant.

Appropriated Pages, Newspaper.

Blue Bins

"Blue Bins" is a screen print of a collage depicting two Tory-voting constituents who have supported the same policies but received markedly different outcomes. One is poor, and the other is rich. Observations from visiting these areas revealed stark contrasts, even in the handling of waste. In wealthier neighbourhoods, signs explicitly prohibit placing even dog waste in certain bins.


Original Screenprints are for sale at Good Sheperd Studios, 15A Davies Lane, E11 3DR.

Limited Edition of 15.

Visit to see more from the local artists.

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